Im Zeitraum 1.3.2015 – 28.2.2017 31.5.2017 lief unser Projekt „Solidarity for economic development in the Hârtibaciu Valley (SOLID.E.D.)”, das vom Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme kofinanziert wird. Mehr Informationen dazu gibt es auf der rumänischsprachigen Fassung dieses Beitrags. Die Fördersumme der Kofinanzierung beträgt 230,113.78 CHF.

Auszug aus der englischen Projektzusammenfassung

The southern region of Transylvania, the Hârtibaciu Highlands, home to 43.000 inhabitants, all living in rural or semi-urban areas, is confronted with social, cultural and economic decline. The collapse of the old agricultural system, the change of demographic composition and the lack of consciousness with regard to the value of local products or the cultural and historical heritage had an unwanted effect on the mechanisms of sustainable development. Many of the regions’ inhabitants migrated to urban areas in Romania or found better paid work abroad, either seasonally or on permanent basis.

The region is in urgent need of revitalization through diverse initiatives. This project aims to help the local population – semi-subsistence peasants, small entrepreneurs, vulnerable groups and others – harness the cultural and natural resources within their communities. Raising awareness on the need to support the local traditional economy adjusted to recent developments of the regional market is one way of securing the much needed diversification of the sources of income. In this context, the overall development objective is the revitalization of the rural local economy in the region of the Hârtibaciu Valley based on traditional activities and crafts. Three specific objectives are proposed to achieve this goal: 1) Streamline and expansion of the economic activities of 166 local food producers and traditional craftsmen; 2) Strengthening the organizational capacity of Hosman Durabil Association in partnership with Pro Longo maï in order to ensure further development of the area; 3) Promoting the project and the goods manufactured by local producers.

(…) From a strategic point of view, for accomplishing the envisaged goal, the project’s objectives and activities will lead to the creation of a complex framework for harnessing the cultural and natural resources within the Hârtibaciu Highlands. In this sense, the project is build upon the partnership between the Hosman Durabil Association and the Swiss Pro Longo maï. The extensive collaboration will facilitate the knowledge transfer that Pro Longo maï has in reviving areas that were economically challenged many years ago. Practically, we can say, that completing the three successive phases of the project (the objectives), the premises and the vital first steps for natural and cultural based economy reanimation will be created.


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